Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tenerife Holiday!

20-27th February

The hotel in the midground
I get to go to Tenerife (largest of the Canary Islands) with my client and her parents!! As it's with work, it is all expenses paid too :) We stayed in the Hotel la Siesta in Playa de las Americas. I like it, and thought the food was quite nice, although Maddy's dad complained quite a bit! Although, I was comparing it to the food we had at the hotel in Egypt, which in comparison really was dreadful! Maddy and I stayed in our own room which included access to the day spa! This was pretty good, and I made good use of the sauna :)
View from the room
 We had a tour of Tenerife, that took us up the mountains to view Teide, the tallest mountain (well volcano actually :P). It was quite amazing seeing snow at the top, when I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt for much of the time (or togs!) down at sea level!

Maddy, with Volcanic formations in the background


That would be a canary, in the Canary Islands

Rose formation in the rocks
On another day we went to the Jungle Park. Here we saw lots of animals: monkeys, tigers, birds of prey, etc. We watched a bird show, which was pretty good. The birds were well trained to fly from one tower to another, or the eagles would fly off and come back when they felt like it... off course a bit of food helped bring them back!
Onion - odd choice of snack!

After spending a week in Tenerife, both Maddy and I came back with a cold :( But we still had a good time, even if Maddy was a bit frustrating with her driving! Sometimes she doesn't pay attention to where she is going in her wheelchair, and she can be a bit dangerous. She has an attendant control now, which means I can take over when she is not concentrating enough, or if there are large crowds. The only problem is that the attendant control is very sensitive, and my driving is not much better :P Though I am getting better with practice!

Oops, I forgot, Maddy and I also both got our hair braided. I was a bit stupid, and got it done without asking how much it cost first. So when I did find out the price I was a bit (or a lot) shocked... But it did look kinda cool. Now that I've had it done, I don't think I would get it done again though... and besides I didn't like the CLUMPS of hair that came out in my hairbrush after not brushing the front of my head for 2 weeks. It was a bit worrying :S