Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Sun is Shining :)

So, it's actually been warm the last few days! In fact, so warm that I haven't even worn a jumper for the last 4 days, just a vest in the mornings. It has been soooo nice!! (Just heard Maddy's mum say she has had snow on her birthday - which is today!!) On Wednesday, when I went to the gym I saw a mama duck and her 6 little ducklings. They were absolutely gorgeous! They put me in the a good mood all day :) The tulips have started to come out now. Most of them are the brightest red you have ever seen. I have also seem some white/cream ones, yellow ones, orange/coral ones and deep purple ones. Maddy and I went for a walk down to the pond yesterday. I had hope to get a picture of some tulips, but there were none around. There was also no bubba ducks, there weren't many ducks at all really.

On the walk down to the duckpond, Maddy and I blew some dandylions, there was a nice breeze blowing, so they flew off nicely. I tried to get a pic of Maddy blowing them, but couldn't get the timing quite right...

Looks like she's kissing it :p

some blossoms, not sure what tree this is though
Just a side note - I have booked my 4 day photography course in London, for the 9-13th May (The wednesday is a day off, so it runs over 5 days). I'm really looking forward to it! Just over a week left of work until I am holidays, and then I'm off to Turkey! Really looking forward to that too :)