Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Well the days have started getting longer now (especially since daylight savings have now started), and it is very obvious that winter is OVER!! The first signs of spring began with the snow drops flowering, and then the daffodils. There is now lots of blooming flowers, and the place has definitely started looking much greener in the last week. It is also noticeably warmer, only having to wear a jumper, instead of jumper and jacket. There has even been a couple of times that I have been able to take even the jumper off, and just wear a shirt! The other day I went out and took some photos of the spring flowers with my new camera (Sony aplha a390 Digital SLR, I Love it!)

Not exactly a flower, but I like the picture, lol

Blossoms on the trees

I got Photoshop, so played around a bit... forgot to save the original of this before saving it