Sunday, 3 April 2011

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

I have never seen such a big pile of pressies before!
 I worked all over Xmas and New Year. For Xmas we travelled (really, really far) 3 hrs to my client's daughter's house. I had a nice Christmas, and even received some presents myself, which was really nice!  My client and I stayed in a motel close to her daughter's place. There were some pretty awesome icicles! (I had a white Xmas, even though it didn't actually snow on the day, but it was pretty damn cold in Cheltenham, about -8 at the coldest, and definitely didn't get above 0).

New Year was a very quiet affair - I sat in bed, watching the fireworks on the T.V (occasionally watching some out my window). Both my client and her husband had gone to bed. I have already made the decision NOT to work Xmas/New Year this year. Also, after watching the fireworks in London, that is where I want to spend New Year's. They were VERY impressive!!