Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Birdy Portraits

28th March
I went to the Arundel Wetlands Centre with Maddy one weekend, and wanted to get some pics of the birds there (I love birds). However, Maddy is NOT the most patient person on earth... I do call her the queen of impatience for a reason! So, once I got my new camera (and new 70-300mm zoom lens - I am now broke by the way), I went back on one of my days off. There were some cute little baby Goslings, and I got some pictures of blue tits, great tits, golden finch, and a woodpecker! Another amateur photographer was there at the same time, and I started chatting to him. He was a nice enough bloke, and we walked around the wetlands together... It was nice having someone different to talk to!
lots of daffodils!

great tit flying, and a blue tit

gold finch



young blue tit


having a splash