Tuesday, 12 June 2012

London Baby - yet again!

Nice sunset before going to see Legally
Claire and I arrived back in London from Iceland on Thursday 22nd March, where I got some trains and tubes to Colliers wood, where I met up with Vicki. We went to the library to find times for Legally Blonde for Sunday, but it turns out they have a day off on Sunday (how slack!?). So it meant I would have to go by myself. The next day I went to visit J, my previous client, as I had left my scales at her house. then it was off to see the show! It took a little while for me to warm up to it, but in the end I really enjoyed it - it was a lot of fun :)

On Saturday 24th I had a bit of a girly day - I got a haircut (just a trim) a new outfit (a dress, cos the weather was so nice! and some strappy shoes) and met up with Claire for a bit. After meeting up with Claire I got a 'facial'... at a Chinese herbal place. So first I got acupuncture. This was the first time I had had accupunture. The 'Doctor' put 8 needles in my face - which was alright, I didn't really feel anything. I was given a buzzer to use if I got uncomfortable. I wasn't sure how long the needles were supposed to be sticking out of my face, so after 30 minutes I thought it was long enough. I used the buzzer and the stupid thing didn't even work!! I had to get up off the bed, with the needles still in, and that was a little uncomfortable.

The acupuncture was followed by a face and full body massage - which was actually quite good :). I then had 'cupping' done, which is a really weird procedure where they used suction to stick cups to your back. I had a cough at the time, and the Dr said it would help clear me out. Vicki had had it done, so I thought why not. She said there was no point in having an actual facial, as my circulation was not great (but to be honest the massage was probably better then a facial anyway). Vicki ended up with great red circle bruises on her back, but mine only had slight bruising!

Sunday Vicki and I went to Kingston upon Thames (because it is along the Thames, funnily enough) where we did some shopping and went for lunch at a pub. The sun was shining, so I wore my new dress, even though it was probably still under 20C - oh how I've acclimatised! And that was my last day of freedom before going back to work on Monday 26th March...