Monday, 28 May 2012

Snow and Seasons in Storrington

Cheeky fox at the train station
After 54 days of ‘being on holiday’ it was finally time to go back to work, on Monday 30th January. I returned to a pervious client, M, who I had started working with pretty much exactly a year ago. Things in Storrington looked pretty much the same as they did a year ago, except this time I got to see at least the backyard with a covering of snow and, as I have stayed a month and a half longer then I did last time, the place is certainly more green and leafy then I have ever seen it. On the 5th and 10th of February there was finally some snow for winter – Although it was only a light covering, which pretty much melted by the time we left the house at 9am..

Compare to the 'summer' pic at the end :)

After the snow in February, March turned out to be one of the warmest on record! In fact, even the last week of Feb was warm – at 18C. Then it was back to cold for April – complete with snow in some parts of the UK. I have definitely aclimatised to the cooler weather. In Australia, as soon as the temperature got below 20C I would put on a jumper and be freezing. Here, the temp reaches 13C, and I start taking layers off. 18C is shorts and singlet weather now! How on earth am I going to survive summer when I get back home?!
Although, still fairly cool at Brighton

As much as I am looking forward to coming home (lets face it Aus is awesome :p), one thing I appreciate a lot more over here is the seasons. They are so destinctive – something I think I will miss. Winter is cold, mainly wet (but sometime snowy!), and dark. Then comes spring. This is when colour comes back to the UK. The first flowers to pop up are the bluebells, followed by daffodils, and then tulips (and lots more of course!) Towards the end of spring is when the trees/bushes finally start shooting new growth, and it really gets green, within a few weeks. And the cutest part of spring? All the baby animals :) I have also seen hedgehogs come out for the first time… although it’s a bit sad that they have all been roadkill hedgehogs :(

Taken just the other day: Summer is on it way :D
Summer can be warm (it can also be cold!), and the UK often has ‘mini heat waves’ with temperatures up to 30C, if only for a few days… In summer the crops start to ripen, and the fields start to take on a golden hue, like they where when I first arrived here). The evenings are also really long – with it not getting completely dark until around 10.30/11pm. I will definitely miss the long evenings of summer, but not the short hours of daylight of winter!

And that brings us to autumn, when days start to get shorter again (sob), and the trees start to lose their leaves, but not before displaying wonderful colours of reds, oranges, and yellows :)

Now to leave you with some cute stuff:

See the dark patches in the middle? That's a group of 6 ducklings
sitting in a row :)