Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Overnight in Cardiff

Sunset view from the train to Cardiff
After saying goodbye to mum on the 5th January, Adam and I caught a train to Cardiff, arriving about 6pm. It was then a short walk to our accommodation, which by the way is probably one of the best hostels I have stayed in. It is basically a converted home, and as such has a very homely feel about it. The breakfast was amazing, and the beds had proper, comfy mattresses... Although my was broken, so it was kind of like sleeping in a ditch, but only the worlds most comfortable ditch! I also left my Kindle on the bed, and the staff were very helpful in returning it to me :) After checking in we went for a short walk into town to find dinner, and to get our bearings.

The next day (Friday 6 Jan) we went out with the hopes of doing a walking tour... but of course there wasn't any running that day! :( So we had to do our own thing. We went to Cardiff Castle and spent some time there.  Then it was time to find some lunch. The local markets were on, but of course I wanted to continue the food tour. We ended up going to a little cafe called Dragon's Kitchen, where we had a Welsh lamb soup, which was delicious, and Welsh rarebit, which is basically cheese on toast... After lunch we went to the National Museum.

The outside of the castle

Inside the castle grounds

View of town from the castle

View to the south - you can see the stadium. Our accommodation
was on the opposite side of the river to the stadium

They have owls/birds

Mmm best soup!

The museum
Unfortunately we didn't have much more time in Cardiff, so it was back to the hostel to collect our luggage, and back to London. It was a bit disappointing that we didn't have longer in Cardiff, from what I saw I really liked :) It would also have been good to do the walking tour, as we would have been able to see more, and learn more about the history of the place. More time would also have meant we could have explored further, like going to Cardiff Bay. But I can now say I have been to all the capital cities in the UK and Ireland!