Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lazy Cat on My Bed

Most of you know that I have 2 cats, Abby and Cleo, who I miss sooo much. I really miss having them sleep on the bed with me, particularly in winter. Cleo used to sleep on my stomach, or back, or side, depending on what way I was sleeping. I miss having little 'hot-water bottle' and constant companions :( My client and her family have 2 cats as well, but they are a lot more independent then mine, as they are 'outside' cats. Plus they aren't allowed to sleep on the beds at night - they are locked in the kitchen... But with the colder weather, Sanker (nicknames the Tank) had been sleeping on my bed and keeping me company quite a lot during the day. Here are some pics of him, so cute! Since we've had warmer weather the last few days though I have hardly seen him.

He also likes to sleep on my lap

and my computer

and in between my legs...