Saturday, 5 May 2012

London... Again

Firstly, this is my one hundred and first post! Who would have thought that just over a year ago when I started this, that I would continue, and fairly regularly too :) (I actually started writing this before the Breaking News post, when it was the 100th post, but forgot to write about it in that post, so I'm celebrating the 101st post :P).

Saturday 7th January we had a free day in London before heading to Slovakia for a ski holiday (yay!) We didn't didn't have any set plan, so just walked around London and came across random things. Our first stop was the Clink Prison Museum (dating back 1144), near London Bridge. This is the gaol (English spelling) that 'gave its name to all others' according to its slogan.

Next we made it to the Jubilee and Borough Markets, also near London Bridge. I hadn't been to any London Markets, and they were pretty good - so much meats and cheeses, as well as seafoods, and colourful fruit and veg :) For lunch we bought an award winning pieminister pie. YUM

We then walked along Tower Bridge and London Bridge. We mustn't have got up to much in the afternoon... I don't have any pictures, so can't tell you what we did :P That night I initiated Adam in sleeping in airports. We got there fairly early and managed to get a good spot to sleep each :) The next morning we were flying to Krakow, before getting a transfer to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, where we were spending the week skiing!!

On London Bridge, with Tower Bridge in the background

London Bridge