Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Guess Who’s Back – Back again?

Yes, back in London. Every time I have time off and I’m not somewhere exotic, I try to explore a bit more of London. We arrive back from Krakow mid afternoon, so I told Adam it’s probably best to just get a ‘light’ lunch, as it was late, and we were going to G&A’s for dinner (and to use their washing machine!), so we would be getting a large dinner. I ordered the club sandwich, and well, I’ll let the pictures do the talking :P

The next day (Mon 16/1)we left G&A’s early to get the most into Adam’s last day overseas – he had an early flight out the next morning. First we went Ice-skating. there was a rink at the bottom of the beginner slope in Slovakia, but we never got the chance to go, and Adam wanted to give ice-skating a go as it was another thing he’d never done before. After ice-skating we spoilt ourselves for lunch, spending way too much at a reasonably flashy restaurant called the Mermaid’s Tail. MMM, the food was sooo good though – I had a HUGE rack of ribs, and I think Adam had lamb shank.

bahaha h.p is short :P
The next touristy place we visited was Madame Tussaud’s, the wax museum. There were lots of famous figures, and it’s amazing how lifelike they look. I was a bit surprised by how short a lot of them are though! As you go through the building there are different themes – such as ‘A-List Party’, ‘A Royal Appointment’, and ‘Marvel Superheroes’ the superheroes exhibit also included a 4D experience which was fun.

That night Adam and I went to see the musical version of Billy Elliott. If you’ve been reading along, you will have realised that I have seen quite a few musicals this holiday. I actually saw a three musicals within about 2 months of each other. The good thing about London is you can get pretty cheap tickets, and they are amazing to see… So I figure while I am here, I should try and see as many as possible! I quite enjoyed Billy Elliot, the song about seeing Margaret Thatcher dead was pretty funny! I would like to see the movie (I’ve only really seen little bits and pieces) to see how well they adapted it to the stage. It was then time to go back to the hostel, so Adam could get a good night’s sleep, ready for his journey back home in the morning.

Funniest photo ever?!
So I just found these pictures from when we went to the London Dungeon... I can't for the life of me remember what day we went there - Adam?! They are actually photos of photos, thus the flash reflection. The picture from the freefall ride was just too hilarious NOT to buy!


Sarah Odgaard said...

Adam says it was the day before Slovakia - so on the 7th Jan :)