Saturday, 7 April 2012

Off to Paris

Early on Friday 30th December we caught the Eurostar to Paris. After dropping out bags off at our accom, which was only a short walk from the main station, Gare du Nord, we head to Notre Dame, which had a pretty cool nativity scene. We walked past a really weird pond, and then made our way to the Louvre – not to enter, but just to get some photos. That night we went searching for the Palais Garnier, or Opera Garnier, which is where Phantom of the Opera is set, only Adam’s all time favourite musical EVER. He was very excited to be there!

Outside Notre Dame

Crazy fountains :S

Palais Ganier

Magdalenae Church
New Year’s Eve start with a bus tour of Paris – we were too tired and it was too wet to do the free walking tour. The bus tour started and finished close by to the Magdalenae Church. We thought seeing as it was there we may as well take a look. It was rather unassuming from the outside, but very ornate inside. The bus tour price also included a cruise on the River Seine, where, at 2pm, Adam and I celebrated Australian New year’s with a glass of bubbly. We celebrated Sydney new year, but I’m not sure if that was intentional or a miscalculation in converting time to Brisbane new year :p After the river cruise we got some food from the Christmas markets.

Adam on the bus

Inside Magdalenae Church

Happy Sydney New Year!!

Having a snack from the Xmas Markets

Like my hat?