Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Macbacky Christmas

Merry Christmas
 Christmas day started with a nice lay in, followed by a champagne breakfast supplied by the hostel. :) We also got a present each!! We all got a scarf, which I have since left on a train. :( When we got back up to our rooms there was another surprise waiting for us at the foot of our beds – stockings! well actually it was a sock, stuffed with lollies, a mandarin(?!) and the other sock :P While waiting for lunch we played trivial pursuit, without actually playing trivial pursuit – we just read out the questions and yelled out the answers. It was pretty fun! Then it was down to the pub for Christmas lunch. Most of us had the turkey, which was yummy. After dessert we were well and truly stuffed (like a turkey, you could say).

After lunch we listened and danced to some tunes, then headed back to the hostel for some more trivia fun. We got sick of the trivial pursuit questions, so relied on the internet for some, before finding some ‘Australian’ trivia questions (as about 80% of the tour group was Aussie). We all cracked up laughing when we found out that King James I of England introduced the tradition of having turkey at Christmas… For those of you who don’t know, King James I was also King James VI of Scotland. And Richard had been going on the whole trip how much has been invented/discovered by the Scottish – so he can add one more thing to the list!

We didn’t really have dinner that night, as we were still so full from the huge lunch, but somehow we managed to find a bit of room, and we shared cheese and biscuits, etc. As much fun as we were having, unfortunately we couldn’t have too late a night, as it was up early the next day for our final day of the tour. But it was a great Christmas, and definitely great actually sharing it was family this year :) (and with new friends too).

Not actually Xmas related, but this was in the toilet
of the hostel :S (I suppose the dolpin is pooing
candy canes... so that counts - right?)