Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Macbackpacking it – Part 3

Our home for the next three nights was at Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye, where hopefully we would be having a white Christmas… hahaha, I think the joke was on us – it was about 13 degrees during the day, which is the average temperature in Scotland for Summer. The week before however (about the time we got the snow in Ireland), the place was covered in snow, about knee deep in some areas!

Christmas eve we went for a bit of a drive around Skye. The first place we stopped at was a river that apparently has ‘beautifying’ and ‘deageing’ properties. So we all stuck our face in the rive for no more or no less than 7 seconds (otherwise it wouldn't work). I’m not sure if I came out any more beautiful or younger looking, but it definitely was refreshing. And it certainly wouldn’t be the wettest we were going to get wet that day.

The bottom of the hill and waterfall
Next we stopped at a waterfall… guaranteed to give us 7 years good sex… Getting to said waterfall was a little trickier than getting to the river. We had to climb a waterlogged and very muddy hill, jump across a fast moving stream and then rock climb down a little bit to stick not only our faces into the water, but our whole heads! I think mum was a little too enthusiastic, sticking half her body under the water o.O What on earth does my MOTHER want 7 years of good sex for?! Oh the horror! (parents just should not be doing it. It’s just wrong… never mind how I or my sister got here!) Now remember I hugged the fertility stone in Ireland? Well now I’ve got 7 years of good sex. And less than 3 weeks later I had a dream I was pregnant! LOL. So apparently I was getting it good in my dreams – nothing since then though. sigh.

Get in there mum!


My turn

The waterfall

What the Old Man of Storr looks like...
Anyway, back to the tour… On the way back down the hill my foot got stuck in the mud, and mum had to rescue me Smile with tongue out We continued on the the next stop of the day, where we were going for a hike to see ‘the Old Man of Storr’, which is apparently the remains of a giant who was turned to stone by some beautiful maidens while aroused. Now you would think that you can’t get much wetter after having stuck you head under a waterfall. But it is possible. It was windy. It was wet. It was awesome fun!! Hiking up that mountain, almost getting blown backwards. It was the best day ever! And our snow boots/gumboots were so effective they actually stored water that had trickled down our legs into them (remember I said it was raining, and we got drenched… don’t go getting any ideas about trickling water!!). When mum took of her gumboots she poured about a cup of water out of each one!

...What we saw - wet, windy, and foggy.
Also the risk of rocks falling =
awesomeness to the extreme!

Back on the bus Richard gave us the option of more sightseeing or going home. As we were all drenched and just a little cold we decided to go home. He also had a bottle of Scotch whiskey for us to share. And after three rather large swings mum was gone. Oh how embarrassing! Walking around the shops getting tuff for dinner on our way home was an interesting experience with a drunk mother, that’s for sure Smile with tongue out After a nice, hot shower we cooked a meal (the one and only meal I cooked over the 57 or so days I was on holiday!). And then if was off to the pub down the street Smile


Grace said...

Hmmmm..... nothing wrong with getting my head completely wet, was just saving having to wash my hair!!!

And the whisky was only being used for medicinal purposes, to warm me up quickly so not to catch cold...

:-) MUM