Tuesday, 18 October 2011


 Well this is what I had come to Munich for - and it's lucky I didn't come for sightseeing, as I didn't see much! But I did have the best fun! Oktoberfest officially opened at 12 noon on the 17th September, but to ensure we had a seat, we left in plenty of time. The 3 other girls had all bought a dirndls, and I was feeling a bit left out on the costume front. It was lucky that we went by the Hauptbahnhof and they were selling dresses and shirts there. I opted just for the shirt, as it would have more future wearability, was cheaper, and you only see the top in photos anyway! (Practical, aren't I?) I also got my hair done for free, which added a nice touch :)
 I didn't drink THAT much at Oktoberfest, and found the beer to be MUCH better and easier to drink when it was mixed half and half with lemonade :) The first day of Oktoberfest was beautiful, sunny and warm, so we sat outside. After 5 days in France, and sitting in the sun in Munich, I definitely ended up a lot more tanned than I had been for the last few months in England. We sat at a table with some Americas, and Aussies in the table beside us. It was amazing how many steins the women could carry at once - TWELVE!! I had trouble just lifting one from the table to my mouth...
Yes, she held 12 at once!


 The next day was cold and wet :( But luckily we got a table inside. I even saw the New Zealand couple  I had met at Nice airport!! This time we sat with a group of Irish boys. They were fun enough... if not a bit crazy :P We went to an Irish pub with them (told you I always end up in Irish pubs) to watch the finals of the Gaelic football. It was pretty fun to watch. After the game I walked back to the hostel, had a shower and headed to the airport for my flight back to London :(


Just a short post today, but I did have the most awesomest time at Oktoberfest. I had the best 10 days off work ever! :)