Sunday, 14 August 2011

What a day!

On Friday we had a bit of a bad luck day. First the car keys managed to get dropped down one of the street drains - It started with me parking over the drain, and then I put the keys on the seat, which was directly over the drain, and then my client's boyfriend took the shopping out of the car, but instead of lifting the bag, he pulled it along the seat, which of course pushed the key off the seat...

After multiple calls to see if anyone could help us get the keys back, it became apparent that we had to try and get them back ourselves. So I used a magnet which I tied to the end of one of those gripper claw things and went searching for keys in the dirty, mucky water. The drain is quite deep and the bottom has a nice layer of silt. I did manage to find the keys, but before I had a good grip on them the silly things fell again, and after about 20/30mins more of searching had to finally admit defeat that we weren't going to get the keys back. It was especially annoying as I was sooo close to getting them back!!

Later that evening we had another watery accident. This time my clients bf spilt coffee over the telephone, and while we could still receive calls, the button were no longer working, which meant that no outgoing calls could be made. My client and I went to buy a new phone on Saturday, and I suppose the silver lining to this story is that the new phone works much better than the old phone, which would make it hard for the person on the other end to hear you, as it was very crackly. My client called her mum, and she said it was now crystal clear :)