Friday, 5 August 2011

Blondie and Birthdays

Nice sunset
Last Thursday (28th July), my client, her boyfriend, and I went to Epsom Downs raceway to see Blondie as part of their birthday celebrations for the 29th (client's) and 30th July (boyfriend's). There were races beforehand, and it was my first time seeing a horse race. It wasn't that exciting really, but I did choose the winner... pity I did't actually bet on it :P I suppose under different circumstances with a group of friends, betting and a bit of alcohol in me it could be a bit more fun! But the main reason we were there was to see Blondie. It was pretty good, even though I only knew four of the songs :P And I thought the band was awesome.. the singing was soso, it definitely wasn't a Glee concert :P It was a bit hard to understand what Debbie Harry was singing at times. We had a pretty awesome spot though - up on the balcony (due to health and safety, we weren't allowed in the 'mosh' with the wheelchair), so could see everything, without having to worry about tall people in front blocking our view!

Run Horsey, run!

LOTS of people

Trying to be clever - got Debbie on the stage and in the

On the 30th we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner called Zen Garden - we had the set menu for 3, and my favourite bit was the crunchy seaweed. It was definitely different! I also really enjoyed my dessert - black sesame balls in a coconut milk soup. It was also different, but very tasty :) I was very full after dinner!