Sunday, 14 August 2011

I made Jam :)

Blackberries ripening on the bush
It's blackberry season at them moment, so I decided to pick some - they grow wild over here, and there are heaps of big juicy ones to choose. I picked so many that I decided to make some jam out of them. Considering I didn't actually weigh how much fruit I had to get the amount of sugar I would need (I just guessed) the jam turned out ok :) I tried some without toast and it was VERY sweet, and also had an after taste of salsa, as that was the jar I was using. Apparently I didn't wash it out very well! The good news is hat when you spread it on toast, the sweetness is cut, and you can't even taste the salsa :P I made 2 jars of jam, and the other jar was an old apple, raspberry, and blackberry jam jar, so if that one has an after taste, at least it will taste of jam!

The finished product!