Sunday, 24 July 2011


After the photography course ended I went with Gillian and Veronica (it's handy having people you know in London!) to see Wicked, the musical. and WOW it was amazing!! If you ever get the chance to see Wicked, GO AND SEE IT!!! It is by far my favourite musical... and I would love to see it again, even though I only saw it less than 3 months ago :) And the ending of 'Defying Gravity' left me speechless. I didn't think that anything could beat Glee's rendition (hey, I'm a Gleek, what can I say? - but more about that later!!). I had even gone onto youtube and listened to it. But I think seeing it live, without the distortion of crappy quality recording, was absolutely mindblowingly incredible!! I loved it!!!! (that's a LOT of exclamation marks :P)

What made it even better, is that seeing it in London meant it was CHEAP, I only paid about 15GBP for the ticket. Granted, it was right up the top back of the theatre, but they provide binoculars you can hire for 1GBP :P I had a good catch up call with my sister today (we were skyping for 1.5 hours!!), and she went and saw The Lion King in Vegas (I think?!). Her ticket was 130USD. When I went to see the Lion King I would have paid about the equivalent of $30. FINALLY I have found an advantage to this silly country. There's no place like home... oh wait, wrong musical hehehe....