Friday, 22 July 2011

I'm Back!!

Well, technically I'm not back, my laptop is... The keyboard stopped working. After I tried cleaning out under the keys. With a pin... :S Yes, it may not have been the smartest move on my part, but after 2 weeks at the computer repair shop, my computer is not back in my hot little hands with a brand spanking new keyboard - and I plan on starting to polish the keys straight away. I have a few blogs that I need to catch up before I go on holidays (AGAIN? you say!).

So, coming up in the next few posts will be a review of the photography course I did way back in May (ok, so maybe not that long ago, but it sure does feel like it!), another new client, and a Glee concert/week in London.

While I'm here though I may as well tell you my future plans - I am certainly looking forward to all that's happening! In late August Tom, my friend from school is coming to the UK, and we are going to Cologne for a few days. While there I am going to visit Kati, who stayed with me way back in grade 10, and I stayed with her when I went to Germany in 2003/04. She is finally getting married to Patrick (they were going out when I visited way back then) and having a party to celebrate the fact, so it will be good to go to that :)

I then return to work for all of a week and a half, and I'm off to Nice in September to get my scuba licence, followed by Munich for Oktoberfest. Once I get back though I am planning on working from mid-Septemberish till just before Christmas. I worked last Christmas, so I think it only fair that I don't work this year! I am in the early stages of planning new year in Paris, and an 8 day ski trip in Slovakia with another school friend, Adam. So, I definitely need to work solidly from September to December to save up lots of $$ to afford all these holidays! It is lucky that soon I will have worked for ENA for 365 days and will be entitled to a 750GBP bonus!!

After I come back to work in mid January I am then planning on working fairly solidly for the final 6 months that my visa is valid (I can't believe I've been away from home for over a year, it's gone so quickly!!) to save up as much as I can, and then hopefully do a few tours of Europe before I come home... But that won't be for another year at least...