Sunday, 24 July 2011

Moving on... New client

Well since I returned back to work after Turkey/photography course I have been in a new county (Surrey this time) with a new client. It's fairly quiet and unfortunately she doesn't live very close to a gym... it either costs too much to get public transport, or by the time I walk there I have already done my workout and don't need to go the the gym. So I cancelled my membership (I was still with the same gym group that I was with in Chichester, as they have a branch 'close' to wear I live). I like going to the gym, especially the exercise classes, as they are more fun then just using the cadio equipment or doing weights. Luckily there is a nature reserve about 100m from where I live, so I do try to go out for runs fairly often. It has a couple of ponds and there are still some baby waterhens, which are cute and fluffy :) I also find that running on the dirt/grass paths are much kinder to my legs, and I am not getting such sore shins as I was before I found the entrance to the reserve and was running on the road/footpath. So that is definitely a plus.

My client is about to get some renovations done to her house, and I will have to drive her to her accomodation while the work is being done. At the moment we are waiting on council to approve a quote form one of three contractors, and it is looking like the work could be done in September, when I am going away anyway. Hopefully everything falls into place, and the work can be completed while I am away, and wouldn't be working anyway! I am definitely looking forward to a long drive, as I haven't done one of them in over a year - probably the last time I did a long drive was when I moved back to Brisbane from Townsville! Generally the furtherest we drive is about 10mins away, so not very far at all. On Thursday we are going to see Blondie live, so that should break up the monotony a bit. I am quite looking forward to it actually.