Saturday, 30 July 2011

A week in London

I stayed in a hostel in Arsenal while I was off work for the Glee concert. I ended up taking 6 days off, which on hindsight was a bit too much time! I am getting a bit tired of seeing London.. or to be more accurate, I'm sick of exploring London BY MYSELF. I want someone to share the experience with, so I did spend a bit of time in the hostel just reading. But it was nice to relax, and have time to myself. Or I would go to a park and read/eat my lunch or dinner.

Waiting at Trafalgar Square
On the Thursday (same day as Glee) I caught up with Vicki (who I went to Egypt with) for lunch, followed by ice cream, at this gourmet ice cream parlour, where they do all kinds of fancy ice creams. While I was waiting for her I saw people marching against the changes to teacher's pensions. The march went on for a good 20 mins - that's a LOT of people!

Lots of Police for the march

Vicki, and our ice creams :)
I also FINALLY made to the houses of parliament and Big Ben - although I wasn't overly interested in it. I like I said earlier, I wanna do stuff with other people, not just by myself - it's boring :( 

One morning I decided to be naughty for breakfast, and went to a bakery that sold HUGE jam donuts and pain au chocolat.