Saturday, 18 June 2011

My first birthday abroad!

On my b'day eve we went for a walk to get cocktails (oh how I miss these when I am working!!. The bar staff were pretty useless and I don't think they actually knew what they were doing. E.g. If someone asked for a cocktail with blue curacoa. they would come out with a red cocktail :S. They did love their dancing though and got us all up to have a go. Because it was my "b'day in Aus" they gave me a complimentary drink - I have no idea what it was, but it was THE MOST DISGUSTING cocktail ever!! I couldn't even drink it! Next we went to Kitty o'Shea's, an Irish style pub - I ended up in an Irish pub in Egypt to :P The cocktails here were MUCH nicer! We did some more dancing, and it became very apparent that the Turkish boys do like to dance - they're pretty good too!

The next morning we drove to Dalyan. Once there we board a boat and had a BBQ lunch, which was quite nice. It was a bit cold and wet to begin with but did warm up as we went along. We saw the amazing 4th century BC rock tombs, which were carved into the cliffs. After lunch we went to Turtle Beach - a sandy beach with waves :) The water was a bit chilly, but not too bad, and the waves helped get you wet quicker, and once I was in got used to it fairly quickly. After the swim it was back on the boat where we played cards and ate freshly caught and cooked crab.

Turtle Beach
The boat then took us to the mud bath and thermal pool. The smell of sulphur was rather pungent! The mud bath was not quite what I expected. I expected to see oozing mud pools, but it was just a pool of muddy water and a mud floor. I got in and covered myself with the stuff, which was fun! After the mudbath we had to have a wash off before going into the thermal pool. The mud bath was nice and warm, but the shower was freezing! Lucky the thermal waters were hot :) It was then time to go back on the boat to the bus and back to our accomodation.

That night at dinner everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, and Yalcin shouted me a glass of Raki, which is a Turkish licorice/aniseed based spirit. It was kinda gross, but a great way to end a great 24th Birthday!!