Friday, 24 June 2011


My alarm was set for 4.30am, as we were getting picked up at 4.50 to see sunrise over the Cappadocia region. Once we arrived at the take off point we had some tea/coffee and biscuits/cakes to nibble on. While we were eating we got to watch the balloons being inflated. We finally took off and went were the wind took us. It was amazing to see how many balloons there were, and how high some of them got! After about an hours flight we had to prepare for landing. There is no designated landing space, as you can not steer a balloon. The landing was quite smooth, and we had some bubbly and O.J. afterwards, and each got a certificate, though I did have to write in my own last name!! This is mainly a photos blog. I had always planned on going hot air ballooning in Turkey, before I even went to Egypt, and while it was pretty amazing, and the view was great, now that I've done it, it's not something I'd rush out to do again - I would rather spend my money on more travelling! :P