Sunday, 8 May 2011

Goodbyes and Gifts

Well I haven't written in a while - I meant to write this before I went to Turkey, but I was busy, and ran out of time. My last night with Maddy I was very spoilt- I got TWO presents! One was a cross stitch and the other a cute little sewing kit. Maddy also wrote me a goodbye and thankyou letter with the help of Matt, which was very, very sweet.  I certainly didn't expect anything, and really appreciated it :) After scope on Tuesday it was finally time to say goodbye and head off to the train station. I made it to the train station in time for the 3.52pm train, but couldnt' find where the ticket machine was, so after walking down and up stairs to get to the right station, I then had to walk back down to buy the ticket from the entrance to the station (makes sense really) and then back to the second platform, all the time with my VERY heavy luggage. By that time I had missed the train by about 1 minute :(

I finally got back to Sidcup, where I had the MOST AMAZING present waiting for me :) Kate, Anni, and Ash had sent me a 'I <3 Australia' bag, a cat purse, and some good old Aussie snacks (YUM) for my birthday. G&A also had a gift for me - I got a block of Lindt chocolate, a bag of Mini Eggs, and a travel shampoo/conditioner pack. I was definitely very spoilt over those 3 days :)