Sunday, 8 May 2011

Night at the Airport

Wednesday afternoon Angus dropped me off at Orpington, where I met with my previous client, her husband, and relief carer. I left my Egyptian calendar there when I finished way back in January, and finally got it back. From Orpington I walked to the train station and caught a serious of train and tubes to visit Gillian, my friend from uni, who is now living and working over here. It was REALLY warm on the tube... the temperature was 26 degrees in London, and only 11 in Istanbul (and here I was hoping for a warm holiday :S) Gillian, her sister, and I went to an Aussie style pub for dinner. It was quite nice, but we had to stand up facing the wall, stuck behind the stairs, as there was a soccer game on. Afterwards we went to Macca's so we could sit down, and actually hear each other talk.

That night I headed to Heathrow on the tube. I left about 11.30pm, arriving around 12.30am. My flight left at 6.55am, with check-in from 4.55am, so I thought it would be safer, and easier, to stay the night at Heathrow and change the tube just once, rather than taking multiple tubes, trains, or buses. I sat for a while outside and took some night shots with my camera, playing the the shutter speed. Once I got too cold outside, I went inside and sat on some steps, until I got so tired that I went and found a bench to lie on. I half dozed for 1.5 hrs or so, but then got cold, so went for a walk around the terminal. At 4.30am I joined the already growing line for check-in. at 6am it was time to board the plane for Istanbul, and my night at the airport was over!