Tuesday, 22 March 2011


7th August

Another National Trust Location (I got annual membership at Ightham Mote, as it cost 11GBP for one visit or 22GBP for unlimited visits for a year - so have already made my money back!). This is one is called Knole - it is a 'house' on a large area of land. There were some fairly friendly deer (especially if you had food) and some very annoying wasps! The wasps had a sweet tooth, and were getting into the jam on our scones :( These wasps are WORSE then blowflies, and they also like meat, which makes it difficult having a bbq - lets jst say i have never seen anyone spray water into a bbq to shoo the wasps away, like they did at the bbq I went to a couple of days earlier. I also got sunburnt at this bbq, which was a bit embarassing, being Australian and all hehe!


黃愛玲 said...

Hee, these are such lovely photos. I haven't hada bbq in a long time. You have a lovely blog. =o)