Monday, 21 March 2011


I decided to do a travel blog! Yes, it's a 'little' late (haven't been here 9 months yet :P), but I figure better late then never. I'm planning on starting from the beginning, and hopefully catch up to 'today' before I go to Turkey (I've got 1 month exactly!).

15th - 16th July, 2010
My bags were finally packed, so it was time to head of to the airport for my 11.45pm flight. Mum and dad both came to see me off at the airport. Soon enough it was time for the 7 hour flight to Singapore. I slept a little on the plane and 'rested' at Singapore airport. I only had to wait 3 hrs in Singapore for the big 14 hr flight to London. I think I had my nose to the window for the most of the last few hours of the flight, and definitely for the landing into London. My first impressions were that England wasn't as green as I expected - though it was the middle of summer when I arrived and most of the crops were ripe, making much of the landscape a golden colour.

After 'arriving' in London 20 mins early, we then had to circle around for 20mins, waiting for a landing spot to open. I did get a good aerial view of the city and surround areas though! After finally landing, I was amazed at how quick it took me from getting off the plane, retrieving baggage, and going through customs took - less than an hr! It was easier to get into a foreign country then it was getting back into my own country! Gran and Angus met me at the airport, and whilst I tried to keep my eyes open for the trip to their house in Sidcup, it proved impossible :) That night I had an early dinner and straight to bed.