Friday, 25 March 2011

Canal Boat Holiday and Other Outings

20th - 26th August
Haven't even been with my client a week and we are going on a holiday! My client, her husband, son and two grandsons were supposed to stay until the 27th August on the canal boat, but the weather was wet and miserable, so we decided to come home a bit early. It was new experience for me having to navigate through locks, but it was good not having to cook (back home I would be cooking up to 3 different meals, pretty much every single night, except for the rare occasion). Travel on the canal boat is very slow, but very relaxing, and the fact the boat was wheelchair accesible is great! It also meant my client could sit up the front of the boat (which was raised) by using the lift :)

Our boat for the week - 'Diana'
 Other things I did with my client were:

Trips to the ballet - I went to the ballet twice with my client and her husband. We saw 'Sylvia' and a double feature 'Les Patineurs' (the skaters)/'The Tales of Beatrix Potter'.

Musical in London - We saw Oliver! The set and lighting were amazing! Better than any highschool production I have ever seen :P (but then the ticket was probably about 10X as much as a highschool production).

27th September
I also caught up with G&A a couple of times when I had a longer break. My breaks normally went from 2 to 5 in the afternoon, but once a month my client had to go to King's College Hosptial to get her baclofen pump refilled, so I generally got a longer break from 1pm. We usually went out for lunch on these occasions, and for a walk afterwards. One of our trips out were to National Trust location Emmetts Garden, which featured some giant red Toadstools, just like the kind you think of in fairy tales!