Monday, 12 March 2012

On the Paddywagon–Part 4

Firstly, yes it was Killarney that we stayed on the 15th December. That night we also saw a band called Hot Fuss – they were pretty good. Except that my wisdom teeth were causing me pain, so I was a bit grumpy. Smile with tongue out

SAM_0619Day 5 of the tour we drove some more (surprise surprise), stopping in Killorglin, the town where a goat holds the royal title for a few days in August every year. Yes, you read right, that is not a typo. King Puck, the goat, is in charge of this town! In August a festival is held with singing and dancing, as well as, according to Wikipedia, mainly drinking. Really, the Irish drink? Who knew? Well I suppose any excuse will do, even if it does involve celebrating a goat king…

On the way to Killorglin - sooo green, when the sun
is actually out!!

River Laune in Killorglin

087We began to follow the scenic Dingle Peninsula, stopping at Inch Beach, where mum dipped her toes in the Atlantic Ocean! We had lunch in Dingle, which is famous for its resident dolphin, Fungie. Here we saw a church with real grass in its nativity scene (ok, maybe not that exciting, but unusal) and a bar, hardware and bicycle store all in one (now, that is exciting – especially for the boys Smile with tongue out Though I’m not sure hardware, hammers, etc, are a good idea to be in the same vicinity as drunk people Confused smile).

Inch Beach

Yes, it's a SAND beach :D

Fungie the Dolphin

The nativity scene

098After lunch we continued along the coast and saw ‘Sleeping Giant Island’ – it’s official name is Inishtooskert, and well, it looks like a sleeping or dead man. The local legend (according to tour guide Mike) states that the giant was put to sleep by a beautiful a druid. I also hugged the fertility stone, so lets see how successful it is!

Hugging the fertility stone

That night we stayed at the Randy Leprechaun which caused an outrage from the locals when the exterior was painted bright green. We had karaoke which was great fun. I love karaoke Open-mouthed smile