Monday, 12 March 2012

Off the Paddywagon

Day 6, Saturday 17th December – the last day of our Paddywagon 6 day All Ireland Tour!! We followed the coast a bit more and then headed to Limerick, where we saw the piece of rock where the Treaty of Limerick was supposedly signed. The treaty ended the Williamite War between the Jacobites and supporters of William of Orange.

It was then time to head back to Dublin, where our final stop of the tour was the Guinness Store House. It was a bit of a museum about the history and production of the drink. I found it quite interesting but we were rushed for time. Did you know that the Guinness Book of Records came about to prevent bar fights – 2 men were arguing over what is the fastest flying bird of prey, so the idea was to have a book of records in every bar to prevent these arguments. Ironically the fastest bird of prey was not included in the first book of records Smile with tongue out (and have you ever seen a Guinness Book of Records in a bar?).

On the top floor of the store house, which is shaped like a giant pint of Guinness, is an atrium where you get a free pint included with entry. The only problem is I don’t actually like Guinness… and after 5 nights of drinking I couldn’t even give the stuff away to others on our tour. There was a lady having a birthday party, so in hindsight could probably have given it to her, but never mind. Now before you go saying that ‘you went to Ireland and didn’t even drink Guinness! I did have a carbomb  at the Randy Leprechaun, and a small glass of the stuff before we hit the top floor of the storehouse. What is a carbomb you ask? Only the worlds grossest ‘cocktail’ Think of a jagerbomb, but worse. You have a quarter pint of Guinness and drop a shot of Bailey’s into it. Give me the Bailey’s and leave out the black stuff I say.

And that brings us to the end of our tour. Before I finish though, I leave you with a picture of the ‘inconspicuous’ bus and our tour mascots: Donkey, and newcomer Puffin Smile

Donkey had his job - windscreen defogger