Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Wildwood Wildlife Park

About 2 miles from the holiday bungalows is Wildwood wildlife park. The park features native animals that used to live abundantly in Britain but that are now predominantly endangered/extinct in the wild. It was a fairly cold day, and unfortunately a lot of the animals were hiding/sleeping. I particularly wanted to see the red squirrels, as they look sooo cute in pictures. The grey squirrels are from America and have been the main cause of diminishing numbers of red squirrels. But the silly things were hiding on the day we went. Sad smile


2011-11-28 Wildwood 060

Yes, that is a wallaby. Not what you would expect in a British wildlife park, but apparently they were brought from Tasmania, and being in a similar environment, thrived fairly well. I know I said that the park features native British animals but this is the only exception, and funnily enough it’s the first animals you come to as you walk through the entrance!


2011-11-28 Wildwood 0622011-11-28 Wildwood 061

Hmm, after reading that you wonder how many people get bitten?! Luckily the snakes were hibernating for the winter.

2011-11-28 Wildwood 063 Raven







2011-11-28 Wildwood 0672011-11-28 Wildwood 068

Sorry I forget what these deer are… Possibly Fallow deer?

2011-11-28 Wildwood 0712011-11-28 Wildwood 0732011-11-28 Wildwood 074

Cranes and white stork

2011-11-28 Wildwood 078

Sheep, again can’t remember what type specifically.

2011-11-28 Wildwood 0832011-11-28 Wildwood 0842011-11-28 Wildwood 085

Bison, gave as a great ‘welcome gift’ when we came to see these guys. Lets just say that their urinary system and bowels are working just fine… Confused smile

2011-11-28 Wildwood 088Red deer





2011-11-28 Wildwood 0892011-11-28 Wildwood 090

Fat little robin – he wasn’t in the park, just ‘visiting’ but I’ve never seen such a fat little one, so had to take a picture Smile

2011-11-28 Wildwood 0932011-11-28 Wildwood 094

Wild horses. These guys must have thought we had food or something, as the whole group (about 5 of them) walked all the way from one end of the enclosure right up to us.

2011-11-28 Wildwood 097Another small deer. It has a funny name, I can’t remember.





2011-11-28 Wildwood 0982011-11-28 Wildwood 1002011-11-28 Wildwood 117

Lots of different types of owls. I love the little on the right, he was so cute! There were also barn owls, but they were sleeping in a dark hidey hole.

2011-11-28 Wildwood 099All we could see of the fox Smile with tongue out





2011-11-28 Wildwood 1022011-11-28 Wildwood 103

Wolves! These ones were hand reared. There was also a wolf pack but they were hiding in the bushes and I only got a glimpse of them, so couldn’t get a photo.

2011-11-28 Wildwood 105All I saw of the red squirrel Sad smile But how cute do they look!







Lynx   2011-11-28 Wildwood 1062011-11-28 Wildwood 108

2011-11-28 Wildwood 1122011-11-28 Wildwood 1142011-11-28 Wildwood 1162011-11-28 Wildwood 1252011-11-28 Wildwood 126

Farm animals that you could pet including pygmy goats, silly chicken, and rabbits.

2011-11-28 Wildwood 1182011-11-28 Wildwood 1192011-11-28 Wildwood 1202011-11-28 Wildwood 121

Wild cats – they look just like a big tabby cat, but are certainly not domesticated. And they definitely don’t respond to ‘here kitty kitty’.

The park caters for people with disabilities well. Carers are admitted for free. The path is mainly smooth, but there were a few roots across it, which couldn’t be helped really, and they only small one, so don’t really interfere. At this time of the year there were plenty of leaves on the path as well, but again, as long as you went through them slowly they are not too much bother. There are a couple of places that are inaccessible by wheelchair, but the majority of the park, and the animals are visible to all. In fact, the main area that a person in a wheelchair couldn’t get to is the rat barn, and to be honest, who hasn’t seen a rat before!!