Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Well autumn is nearly over (indeed by the time I post this, it will be winter)001 but I thought I would write a post about autumn and put some pictures of the colourful leaves. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the changing leaves last year, and it just so happens that they were sooo much better last year. But that could be because there are different trees where I live this year compared to where I lived last year. There are lots of oak trees in Ashtead, and they turn yellow, where as Kent seems to have more of the trees that turn red – I’ve noticed this while on holiday in Kent, and while driving along the motorway.

002Autumn this year has also been considerably different weather-wise, so I guess that could affect how/when the trees turn. In October we had an ‘Indian summer’, and I think that that month was actually warmer on average than summer! I saw a news segment the other day showing that the plants and animals were a little confused – ducklings were hatching, and raspberries were still flowering and ripening! To compare how much warmer it is then last year, on the 24th November, 2010 the top/average temp was 5 degrees Celsius, and a blanket of snow coverage much of the country. Mind you I was in 25C+ temps in Egypt Smile with tongue out This year on the 24th of November the top/average temperature was nearly 10C warmer, at 14C, with snow only in the Scottish highlands, if any at all!! There was also a lot more frosts on the ground and freezing fogs in autumn last year, in fact I haven’t even seen any frost this year, and there has been a couple of days of fog, but definitely not freezing!!