Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Butterflies, Birds and Beasts

On the 30th April I went to Earnley Butterflies and Gardens. They have a butterfly house, which is VERY warm, an aviary, with quite a few Aussie birds, including diamond doves (I used to have a pair for pets), and beasts! Although I don't know you can really call the likes of rabbits, turtles and guinea pigs beasts! They also have a maze garden with some pretty flowers in bloom. Here's some picture and videos from the day :) (yes I realise there is a lot of video, so pick and choose :) but I do recommend the feret, he looks just like one of those ferret on a ball toys, except no ball :P)

Giant Rabbit!!


Diamon Dove :)

Here's a giant rabbit

Here's the ferret :)