Saturday, 9 June 2012

Amazing Iceland - The Relaxing Part

It was slightly cold
After the late night we had had the day before, we slept in and had a relaxing day. After breakfast at the hostel we caught the bus to the Blue Lagoon. Once we arrived there we had to walk along a 200m path to the ticket office, and it was freezing (again). In the line we met a South African couple living in London. Before we headed into the milky blue waters we took some photos while we were still dressed and dry and then had lunch.

Before entering the lagoon you have to have a shower, without togs/bathers/swimmers/whatever-you-want-to-call-them. There were lots of women (of all ages :S) baring all in the open showers. I however, am not that European, and do not particularly like baring all for the world to see. Luckily though there were shower cubicles also available, so I took that option.

The path we had to walk along
Eventually we entered the Blue Lagoon. There were two options for entering - the smart way, and the why-would-you-even-bother?! way. We took the smart way, where you entered the water from inside the building, and then went through a door to the outside. Other people who took the why-would-you-even-bother?! way had to run through the cold, wind, and snow to get into the water. Imagine how much worse this would be coming back in, when you are already wet!

The ticket office/tourist shop
We met up with the South African couple again, as they had found a really hot spot, which was sooo nice! There was another South African family there, who were moving to Brisbane (good place if you ask me :P). The parents had brought some whiskey in a flask, which they kindly shared - it was very warming! After a bit, Claire and I went to put on a silica mud mask on our faces. The white mud, along with the murky waters are what the Blue Lagoon is famous for - its supposed to be really good for your face (but not your hair or jewellery). I caked on some mud, and pretty soon my face was numb from the cold, but not before being extremely painful :( I'm not sure if the mud did anything for my skin after all that, maybe you have to use it more then once!

After a snack I decided to spend a little time in the steam room/sauna, and became part of the why-would-you-even-bother crowd.. although to get to the sauna you had to run through the cold, so it definitely wasn't by choice...I came back into the lagoon and Claire and I went under the massaging waterfall, which was so warm and relaxing. It felt like some was pounding you. You can pay extra for massage treatments, but I reckon this was just as good, and it was included in the entry price :)

We left the lagoon after spending a bit more time in the 'hot spot', and then caught the bus back to town. The ride took over two hours! I think the bus driver forgot about dropping us off to be honest :S We then went to find somewhere to eat, but I will leave what we had to food tour post, because my Iceland holiday included a HUGE food tour!


Anonymous said...

I was hoping you had more to say about Iceland. The lagoon looks amazing! I want to go there one day. (Ash- finally commenting!)

Sarah Odgaard said...

Why hello there Anonymous. Hehe, I love that you signed your name at the end though :P Yes, got lots more to say about Iceland. All of Iceland is amazing!!