Thursday, 17 November 2011

So Busy!

Wow the last few days have been hectic, and I have another 3 hectic days ahead of me. You may remember that I have mentioned that my client was going to get some renovations done on her house. Well FINALLY we have a date. And it's next Monday! Note that my client had been told the work would be finished in May. I started in May, and from that time we have been saying 'it will be any time now'. Now the time has come, and we got a weeks notice. While the work in being done, my client and I will be going to a place in Herne Bay that offers Holiday Bungalows, as my client won't be able to use her room. As we will be away for 2 weeks, right before I finish of with this current client and go on holidays myself, I have been going non-stop and probably won't get to rest until Monday...

They have added bitumen now, the builders will finish
the driveway off, as council have only done the bit on
council land.
Tuesday I made about 12 phonecalls to all the relevant people to let them know what's happening, and organise things. Wednesday we finished the Xmas shopping, so that we won't have to worry about that when we get back.

Today I organised myself! I've got 4 piles of things: Things I'm taking to Herne Bay, things I'm taking on my Xmas holiday, but not Herne Bay, things I'm leaving here while I'm on holiday, and things I'm still using. I also fixed my boot and spent an hour on the phone to mum. The council workers have started work on the drive way today, which is great news! I have also organised all my boarding passes/accommodation booking references which I need to go print as soon as I finish updating my blog (which obviously I have also done today, and will have done by the time you read this :P). After I come back from that I need to wrap my client's Xmas pressie, as I'm hoping to give it to her while we are away :)

Tomorrow I need to finish cleaning the kitchen and write a list of all the things we need to pack for the holiday. Saturday and Sunday will then be spent packing and moving things from my client's room, the living room, and the bathroom into my room, so they are clear for the builders to come in. Argh, I am so tired right now, I wish I could have a nap. But you know what they say, no rest for the wicked. And to be honest I'm really enjoying being so busy. It adds a bit of a challenge to my job, especially having to juggle everything and still do my regular personal care duties - I'm loving it! Though, it doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping very well at night, and when I have been asleep my client wakes me with her coughing as she has a cold, or wakes me early as she needs to go to the bathroom :(

When we get back from Herne Bay, I will have a few more hectic days. We come back on the 5th, handover is on the 6th, and I leave on the 7th. In that time I will need to unpack from our time away, repack for my holiday, finish the Xmas food shopping, and put up the Xmas decorations :S Hopefully I should be able to relax while we are in Herne Bay - I think the first thing I will for is a place that does massages, as I REALLY REALLY need one!